The Story

Suddenly everything started collapsing, although many professional economists were predicting it based on many scientific and economic facts. Despite all the assurances given from the government officials, we found our economy and everything we built through the years, confiscated, destroyed and somehow STOLEN.

The Lebanese Councils of Ministers and Deputies and almost everyone who worked in the public sector, never allowed businesses to rely on our country’s natural resources…

Instead they always tried to create a dependent society in terms of trade and transit, to make the people fonder of their presence as political leaders.

And one afternoon without any expectations, 2700 tons of Ammonium Nitrate blew in the port of Beirut, destroying half of the city.

They thought this is how we get destroyed…

We refuse to accept this fact,

We refuse to see our people beg for bread and food,

We refuse to let anyone decide our own fate,

We love life…

We are simply Lebanese…

We are innovative, creative, funny…

We are workers, innovators, engineers, farmers, gardeners, architects, fashion designers …

We will help small businesses through selling their products,

By looking around us, we noticed that the answer to the crisis has two big pillars:

  • The Lebanese Citizen
  • The Lebanese Foreigner

..And we figured out a way to sell Lebanese products all over the world with Love And From All the pain the Lebanese people lived,

From Leb With Love

Was born.

From Leb with Love is the new system created between Lebanese residents and diaspora to put ideas and emotions of supporting Lebanon into real well structured plan to turn our country into a productive industrial national. 

To make this happen we are exporting products that are already there, to bring fresh dollars to producing organizations and families, to step further into development of the products to gain international competitive advantage. 

We are not an online shop. 

.We are the plan to reboost the economy. 

.Exporting, local made products, & Services. 

.Linking Lebanese wherever they are.

. Developing Local made products to compete internationally.

. Training and educating producers on new advanced production methods.

We do all this from here, From Leb with Love.

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