10 Unique Lebanese Souvenirs You Need to Take Abroad

If you’re visiting Lebanon anytime soon, you know that the country is a mix of several different cultures and histories. With Ancient, Roman, Ottoman and French influences, this small Mediterranean country is full of gems to take back home. Here are more than 10 unique Lebanese souvenirs to look out for.







For a small country, the number of intellectuals and writers that have come out of Lebanon is staggering. It seems that every couple of years a Lebanese citizen or resident is recognized for a unique (and often controversial) publication. The country’s history of war and social strife has made for interesting stories to tell. From Khalil Gibran to Rawi Hage, there are many books worth picking up on your next visit. Not sure where to go? Visit these independent shops or  www.fromlebwithlove.com to browse more than 1,000s of books.


Perhaps one of the best gifts to take back home from Lebanon is food. Stores like Hallab and Douaihy have packages especially for travelers and outlets at the Beirut International Airport or by visiting www.fromlebwithlove.com

Indulge in a taste of Lebanon once you’ve left with sweet treats that’ll last a while.

Arabic Sweets 

Roasted nuts

Assorted roasted nuts are a local favorite. More often than not if you’re visiting a Lebanese home you’ll eventually find a bowl of roasted, salted nuts and seeds in front of you with a drink. Like sweets, you can easily find them prepared for travel at places like Al-Amine or Al-Rifai Roasteries or by visiting www.fromlebwithlove.com all across the country.

Roasted Cashews

Turkish Coffee Pots

Usually found in old souks like the one in Tripoli, silver home trinkets and Turkish coffee accessories are some of the most Lebanese items you could take back home. When you visit you’ll soon find that the locals love their Turkish coffee, with many drinking several pots throughout the day! Take the beloved tradition home with you in style by visiting www.fromlebwithlove.com

Silver coffee cup 

Home decoration items

Like Sarah’s Bag, this is a home-wear brand with a twist. Rana Salam’s home decoration items include plates, prints and pillows, all dedicated to reflecting Lebanese heritage with a modern touch. Explore an assortment of beautiful trinkets that’ll leave you wishing you’d budgeted better! Visit www.fromlebwithlove.com to book yours now!

Message carved in cedar wood

If you’re going to the cedars, you’ll probably see these wood carvings all around you. Take a piece of the forest’s magic with you, and even personalize it with your or a loved one’s name.

Cedar wood Carving 

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Artisanal clothing

Like any other Arab country, Lebanon is full of stores selling the country’s traditional clothing, including beautiful kaftans. If you’re looking for an original dress as a wedding guest, or just love the culture, make sure to pick one up from the numerous high-end oriental shops by visiting www.fromlebwithlove.com







Art 7ake merchandise

Another witty take on local youth culture, Art 7ake is a Lebanese brand dedicated to sarcastic Lebanese millennials. With items inspired by ’60s Beirut and contemporary realities, the various prints, T-shirts and totes are a perfect souvenir to take back home.

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The Lebanese Councils of Ministers and Deputies and almost everyone who worked in 

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Local wine

Quickly gaining momentum worldwide, Lebanese wines like Chateau Ksara are an essential part of experiencing Lebanon, and a good reminder of the time you spent in the country. With good pricing and even better taste, take a bottle or two home to age, and take it out when you miss Lebanon by visiting www.fromlebwithlove.com


Maurice Mezher

Maurice Mezher

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